CHL Fire Evacuation Training in virtual reality

Virtual Rangers has developed the training application “Fire evacuation” in virtual reality for the CHL (Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg). This training on autonomous VR helmet is a simulation of fire starting in the specialised units of the CHL.

The aim of this training is to verify the knowledge of the employees in terms of the procedures to follow in case of fire. The procedure is slightly different depending on the hospital units because in some scenarios it is a room with several patients that has to be evacuated or a newborn baby in an incubator.

The immersion provided by the helmet and the limited time for each action give a stressful dimension to the training, which also tests the users’ stress management.

The knowledge tested in this application is :

  • The general procedure to follow in case of fire.
  • Choosing the right flame extinguishing device.
  • Good practice in the use of a fire extinguisher.
  • Keep the patient(s) safe.
  • Keep yourself safe.
  • Contact the hospital caretaker to initiate evacuation.
  • Designate a sorting doctor.
  • Notify the assistance units of the arrival of evacuated patients.

Each user’s results are recorded to see the overall skill level of employees. Each stage of the training is also monitored to see if one stage is more critical to success than the others. This information is then used to set up targeted training courses, dedicated to misunderstood or more complex subjects.

A 100% made in Luxembourg project

Made in Luxembourg