Schroeder & Associés AR 3D

To present the new headquarters building, Schroeder & Associés asked Virtual Rangers to develop “Schroeder & Associés AR 3D”.

Cette application en réalité augmentée est disponible sur les stores pour les téléphones dernière génération.

The application uses a tracker to display a realistic rendering in mock-up size of the building.

Based on the work of the architects, Virtual Rangers adapted the building into Augmented Reality.

The building can be divided into floors allowing employees to visit their future offices. In addition, they can identify relaxation and catering areas.

Virtual Rangers did not stop there with this application and also developed a special version for a giant touch screen. This screen used by the design office for large presentations allows high-quality visualization of the building. We can add that it also ensures very good ergonomics of navigation in the building.

A 100% made in Luxembourg project

Made in Luxembourg