AR Building, la réalité augmentée pour l'architecture

AR BUILDING, Virtual Reality at the service of real estate!

The AR Building solution developed by Virtual Rangers is primarily aimed at real estate professionals : architects, land developers, real estate agents, sales representatives, etc.

Augmented reality offers to future buyers innovating experiences thanks to the insertion of 3D objects into reality on a tablet or smartphone screen. Undoubtedly, this upgrades all your projects and makes them all the more accessible and attractive.

From a simple flyer or brochure, you offer your future clients the possibility to realistically project themselves and preview the real estate program.

Easy to access, the user only needs a smartphone or a tablet to then download and reach the service that you provide.

AR Building, votre projet de construction en réalité augmentée

Virtual Rangers obviously takes care of the branding with your logo and information.

Innovating and dynamic, the AR Building solution in augmented reality is very useful to close a deal since it induces a considerable emotional impact by connecting real and virtual life.

Furthermore, it enables to modify reality : you can picture and immerse yourself in your future property. Decision making is quicker and sales volumes increase because prospects and investors are given the opportunity to project.

AR Building to present a project

AR Building, projetez-vous dans votre future construction !

AR Building is the ideal solution of architects. Thanks to augmented reality, they can present a finished project without having to build a scale model.

In addition to clearly saving time, it also makes the project much easier to carry around ! Only paper and a tablet are necessary. AR Building transforms a blueprint on paper into a realistic 3D model which the user can observe from every angle.

By proposing this solution to buyers, they are also given the possibility to extend the experience with their relatives and friends.

But the experience does not stop here: AR Building makes it possible to enter a room or to visit invisible elements such as a cellar or parking space. Finally, a large number of features can be added to enhance your model. For example, the architect or the land developer can include information on the property (price, size in m2, layout options, etc.)

AR Building to discover your property

AR Building is ideal for off-plan sales. Future buyers preview the overall reality of the real estate project as well as their future apartment.

But augmented reality does not only enable to transform a blueprint into a scale model, it goes much further than this. By adding a 3D object in a video flow, augmented reality lets you preview a property in its real environment.

In that case, it is referred to as on-site augmented reality. While on the plot of land where the real estate project will be built, the buyer can see his/her property in its actual size and can conceptualize in space.

AR Building to imagine space

Finally, with augmented reality you can picture space and start thinking about the rooms’ layout and arrangement.

As a real estate professional, you can work on refurbishment proposals yourself to improve a property in an older building and convince your prospects of the beauty and appeal of the site.

When projecting in the environment and imagining what the site can become, future buyers create an emotional link with the property. They almost already feel at home and are less reluctant to go for the adventure !

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