BIL Runner – mobile game challenge

BIL Runner is a mobile game developed by Virtual Rangers for the 2020 Student Fair. It’s an “infinite runner” type game, an infinite race with the aim of going as far as possible.

In this luxembourgish game you play Roudy, the Roude Leiw (the emblem of Luxembourg), and walk through the streets of Luxembourg. On your way you have to avoid buses, cars, barricades, construction sites, manholes and other obstacles. You can discover the BIL building, the streets, parks and bridge of Luxembourg!

But that’s not everything, the BIL organises competitions around the game and prizes can be won for the best scores over defined periods ! Find all the information about the contests directly on the mobile game or on the application page.

The game is available on Apple Store and Google Play :

BIL Runner on IOS App Store
BIL Runner on Google Play Store
BIL Runner on Google Play Store

A 100% made in Luxembourg project

Made in Luxembourg