CHL – Pain prevention for children – Roudy’s World

Roudy’s World is a virtual escape for hospitalised children receiving care.

The hospital environment can increase different fears and anxieties in children : fear of pain, fear of the unknown or fear of separation. The Roudy’s World project was born to respond to this problem and to soothe children.

In virtual reality, children travel with Roudy in the world of their choice and forget the hospital environment. The reassuring and fun atmosphere of Roudy’s World helps children to relax and replace worry with curiosity, wonder or laughter.

In collaboration with the Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg (CHL), Virtual Rangers is developing the Roudy’s World project in Luxembourg.

Discover worlds full of life and entertainment : enchanted forest, western city, pirate ship, tropical jungle, dinosaur park and much more!

In the hospital, Roudy’s World consists of a fully equipped trolley on wheels that moves from room to room. The medical staff start a virtual world and equip the child with the virtual reality helmet on the trolley. During the entire care process, the child is immersed in the virtual world.

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