Room 42 VR

Room 42 VR is a virtual reality experience with an educational purpose. It is the virtual reproduction of a real room (room 42) used by SECURITYMADEIN.LU for training companies in cybersecurity. Reproducing this room in virtual reality enables to move it anywhere for a training and also to promote sentitization t occybersecurity during events or shows.

In Room 42 VR you will be immersed in a locked room representing an office with several desks and a small meeting space. You must identify in the room the objects which represent a risk for cybersecurity within a limited timeframe. At the end of the experience, un overwiew chart is displayed indicating the risk you hav eidentified as well as those you have not discovered. During a training, the trainer will only intervene at the end of the session to explain what choices the users should have made and why.

The Room 42 VR experience lasts 2 minutes maximum or less if the user finds all the risks before the time has lapsed.

A 100% made in Luxembourg project

Made in Luxembourg