ArcelorMittal Lifting Training

Virtual Rangers has developed for ArcelorMittal a virtual reality training application for learning how to operate an overhead crane. This realistic simulation immerses the learner in an ArcelorMittal industrial site and proposes different scenarios for lifting molten steel ladles.

The learner becomes a bridge operator in this simulation and must use a crane remote control to operate the 220-tonne hooks and lift steel ladles. The user must follow a precise procedure that complies with the safety rules specific to ArcelorMittal’s industrial sites. In the event of errors, everything is recorded in the application and sent to a platform with all the trainees’ results.

This application is intended to be run by a trainer who assesses the trainees’ bridge-operating skills. The trainer sees a different display of the learner and can see in real time the mistakes made by the user.

The trainer can choose different assessment scenarios. Thus this comprehensive training application allows the trainer to train trainees and check their reactions to accident scenarios before having them operate a real crane. This saves time and increases the efficiency of the training.

A 100% made in Luxembourg project

Made in Luxembourg