Space Scape

Space Scape is a virtual reality experience with an educational purpose within the frame of sensitization to security procedures in companies.

The Space Scape experience takes place in a very particular universe since you end up on a space station attacked by aliens and your goal is to escape in a spaceship. This space universe contrasts with the theme of security procedures in companies in order to have users travel and to add some fun in the training.

Space Scape is a multiplayer experience with one player with a virtual reality headset and one or several players guiding and assisting him/her in the mission thanks to the printed manual of the spaceship’s architect. It is a communication experience between the player who moves in the spaceship thanks to the virtual reality headset and the players who have the manual with the various safety instructions of the space station.

The user with the virtual reality headset cannot progress alone in the application, he/she needs his/her teammates’ information to be able to leave the station and take them along in the spaceship.

Space Scape is an excellent team building experience and introduces a new way to learn about a company’s safety instructions.

A 100% made in Luxembourg project

Made in Luxembourg